Welcome to Empower “U”, Inc.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer and Staff of Empower “U”, Inc. Community Health Center (EUCHC), we would like to welcome you and thank you for chosen EUCHC as your Medical Center Home. EUCHC is a comprehensive primary health care center that addresses the complete healthcare needs of our community’s adult, adolescent, pediatric and specialty needs populations. It is our policy to ensure access to care in a timely, culturally sensitive, non-discriminatory manner and to minimize disruptions in the delivery of your care.

Empower “U”, Inc. (EU) was founded in 1999 by two women living with HIV/AIDS with the goal of giving people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) the opportunity to be involved in HIV/AIDS service delivery and access in Miami-Dade County. The founders believed that taking an active role in the management of one’s own health through health education, advocacy, and addressing access issues self-efficacy of PLWHA would increase. In 2013, EU became a Federally Qualified Health Center and now applies its successful HIV service model to other health disparities in the community to help promote and manage health and wellness to build a healthier community.

In your Medical Center Home you can expect the following:

•  To choose a primary care physician.

•  To receive respectful treatment.

•  To a humane and safe environment giving you reasonable protection from harm.

•  To know what rules and regulations apply to your behavior and to know your rights.

•  To refuse or OPT out of any treatment, unless the law states otherwise.

•  To have fair and equal access to medical treatment.

•  To have provisions made for needed accommodations, regardless of your race, national  origin, religion and handicap.

•  To know if your medical treatment is for any experimental research and the right to agree or refuse to participate.

•  To be given information about your diagnosis, planned course of treatment, any alternatives and any risks.

•  To request and receive any information on the availability of known financial resources for your care.

•  To request and receive, prior to treatment, a reasonable estimate of charges for medical care.

•  To request and receive a copy of your bill and to have the charges explained.

•  To be treated for any emergency medical condition that will become worse from failure to provide treatment.

•  To know what patient support services are available.

•  To be provided care, treatment, or services in the language you feel most comfortable.

•  To be referred to appropriate services and agencies when your needs are beyond what can be provided at EUCHC.

•  The option to pursue a complaint through the written grievance procedure provided at intake.

Your health and safety are VERY IMPORTANT TO US. You, as the patient, can play a role in helping to make sure your care is safe by actively participating in your care. You can help by doing the following:
•  Ensure that your Care Team has accurate phone numbers and address so that we can reach you in an emergency.

•  Make sure all members of your Care Team confirm your identity.

•  Don’t hesitate to tell a member of your Care Team if you think he/she has confused you with another patient.

•  Carefully read all forms and consents and make sure you understand them before signing.

•  Expect your Care Team to wash their hands. Feel free to ask them when the last time they washed their hands was.

•  Provide us with any information needed to help us provide the best care for you.

•  Ask your Care Team about your diagnosis and planned treatments.

•  Ask about your Care Team about of any medications or prescriptions you are given, including possible side effects.

•  Make sure you have a current medication list.

•  Make sure you understand all of your Care Team instructions and make a follow-up appointment.

Please SPEAK UP if you have questions or concerns. If you don’t understand, ask again. Tell any member of your Care Team if something doesn’t seem quite right. If your concerns are not addressed please ask to speak to someone in Administration.

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