The following Grievance Procedures apply to all staff, patients, volunteers and visitors of Empower "U" Inc. Community Health Center (EUCHC).

EUCHC will work with you to try to resolve all complaints before they become grievances. As a patient, you have the right to submit a complaint or grievance and to expect a prompt response. File a grievance only after you have exhausted all other means of resolving your complaint or grievance.

You have the right to file a formal grievance if you have voiced a complaint that has not be addressed to your satisfaction by a EUCHC Administrator.

You have the right to an explanation of how our grievance process works.

You have the right not be retaliated against, if you file a grievance.

You may request a Grievance Form from the Human Resources Department and ask for assistance with completing and submitting the grievance.

You must make a detailed statement in writing and sign, date and submit the Grievance Form. The statement must include all details of the complaint (time, date and exact nature of the incident). A copy of the completed Grievance Form will be given to you for your records and the original copy will be keep for review by AHCA, Medicaid, HRSA, Patient Record, Employee Record and Visitor Log upon request.

The Human Resources Department will contact all parties involved and schedule a grievance investigation with all involved parties within 15 working days of receiving the complaint.

Within 30 working days of receiving the complaint (15 day after the investigation), the Human Resources Department will convene a committee composed of all involved parties and peer advocate(s). The committee will objectively review all information concerning the issue, evaluate the nature of the grievance and recommend an unbiased corrective action.

The Human Resources Department will document the findings of the committee in a formal response letter to all parties involved within 7 days of the committee meeting.

You have the right to appeal the findings and re-petition the committee within seven days of receiving a formal response. If you are not satisfied with the finding(s), you may then file grievance directly with Medicaid, AHCA, DCF, HRSA, etc.

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Grievance Procedures

Grievance Form

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