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Vanessa Mills, LPN, BSN, MPH

Vanessa Mills, LPN, BSN, MPH
Chief Executive Officer
(786) 318-2337 x 127

Ms. Vanessa Mills is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Empower “U”, Inc. Community Health Center. Ms. Mills offers an outstanding background in clinical nursing knowledge as well as practical knowledge of HIV/AIDS case management and the service delivery systems. Ms. Mills graduated from Barry University’s School of Nursing and Florida International University’s School of Public Health, with a concentration in the area of health education and promotion.  


Ms. Mills, as a woman living with HIV infection has a deep personal desire and commitment to assist others in their fight against the stigma, denial, apathy, secrecy, and lack of education that continues to surround HIV infection in communities of color. 


Ms. Mills has worked at MOVERS Inc. in the Case Management Program and at Williams, Stern & Associates coordinating the training of all Ryan White Title I Case Managers in Miami-Dade County.  Ms. Mills is a former member of the Miami-Dade HIV/AIDS Partnership and is currently an active member of the Partnership’s Care and Treatment Committee. She has gained a reputation of fighting for the needs of people living with HIV infection who traditionally have not had a voice in the process.

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