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Your Patient Care Medical Home

Building a Healthier Community

Welcome to Empower "U", Inc. Community Health Center. Thank you for choosing us as your patient centered medical home. We are here to work with you to coordinate your care. You will be the most important person in our health care team. We believe in partnering with you to help you reach your health care goals (You are the captain of the ship). As partners, we ask that you take an active role in your health care and we will provide the guidance and advice to support you.

Picking Your Doctor

The first in the partnership is choosing your doctor. You have a right to choose your provider. Take a look at the website to help you make this decision. You can change your doctor anytime.

The decisions you make in your daily life effect your overall health. Your EUCHC health care team can offer you help to get the most from your health care like managing referral that you may need.


We will help you to schedule appointments for referral that you may need to improve your health. Helping to coordinate your health care is important to you and to us. We will provide you with transportation to get to the appointment if you need it.



Some of your referrals to other doctors may be for a second opinion to help your doctor make a decision. It is important that you go to your appointment. Let us know if you need our help to get there.


Get Involved

We will need you to help us by checking your Health Records in the Patient Portal. This help you to talk with and work with us. You can ask questions, make appointments, request medication refills, and look at your medical records. We will have your referral result in your record for you to look at within 4 working days from the time the doctor gets the report back.


You are the Captain of the Ship regarding your health care. We are here to sail with you and be your health care team mates. So it is important that you communicate with us about health care concerns and other information that you need us to help you with that is important for your health.